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Our Project School Initiative works to empower youth and children by collaborating with local schools to offer tutoring and after-school programs.

We also encourage youth to stay in school and offer scholarship opportunities to help them reach their goals. Together, we are helping youth to build brighter futures.

"Project School" is an innovative and impactful initiative under the umbrella of the esteemed Eli Adewole Foundation, a youth empowerment nonprofit organization dedicated to transforming the lives of underprivileged youths and children.

This groundbreaking project aims to address the critical issue of limited access to quality education among marginalized communities, creating opportunities for educational upliftment, skill-building, and comprehensive development of underprivileged youths and children.

The primary objective of "Project School" is to bridge the educational gap and empower the underprivileged youths and children with knowledge and skills that will enable them to break the cycle of poverty, unlock their true potential, and pursue a brighter future filled with endless possibilities.

Under this initiative, the Eli Adewole Foundation will establish and support schools in underserved areas, reaching out to communities where educational resources are scarce, and educational infrastructure is limited or non-existent. By working closely with local partners and stakeholders, the foundation aims to create holistic learning environments that foster academic excellence, personal growth, and character development.

The core components of "Project School" include:

1. Infrastructure Development: The foundation will construct, renovate, and equip school buildings to provide safe and conducive spaces for learning. This will include classrooms, libraries, laboratories, and other essential facilities, ensuring a productive educational environment for the students.

2. Access to Quality Education: "Project School" will offer formal education opportunities to marginalized children and youths who lack access to schools. Highly qualified and motivated teachers will be recruited to provide quality instruction using innovative teaching methods, practical learning experiences, and technology-based resources that enhance the learning process.

3. Scholarships and Sponsorships: The foundation will provide scholarships and sponsorship programs to financially support deserving students who demonstrate outstanding academic potential but lack the means to pursue their education. This will ensure that no child is denied an education due to financial constraints.

4. Vocational Training and Capacity Building: Recognizing that not all youths may follow a traditional academic path, "Project School" will also offer vocational training programs that equip students with practical skills relevant to their local context. This comprehensive approach ensures that young individuals are equipped with the necessary tools to become self-reliant and contribute to their communities' economic growth.

5. Health and Well-being: The holistic development of students is a key focus of "Project School." Therefore, the foundation will provide access to healthcare services, nutritious meals, and psychological support to ensure overall physical and mental well-being for students.

6. Mentorship and Life Skills Development: By partnering with professionals from various fields, "Project School" will facilitate mentorship programs, exposing students to positive role models who inspire and guide them in making informed life choices. Additionally, life skills development workshops will empower students with essential skills, such as leadership, communication, and critical thinking, enabling them to succeed in future endeavors.

7. Community Engagement: Recognizing the need for sustainable progress, "Project School" will actively involve and engage the local communities in all project stages. Through community participation and collaboration, the foundation aims to create a sense of ownership, long-term sustainability, and a culture of continuous improvement.

Through the "Project School" initiative, the Eli Adewole Foundation envisions a transformed educational landscape, where underprivileged youths and children have equal opportunities to attain quality education, empower themselves, and ultimately contribute to the development and prosperity of their communities and nation.

Join us in making a lasting impact and creating a brighter future for the future generations through "Project School" – together, we can empower and uplift the lives of underprivileged youths and children, one school at a time.

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